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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Yaki Anagozushi

Sushi with a topping of grilled conger eel. 焼きあなご寿司。

Anago is the conger eel, a replacement of unagi now that ordinary eel is getting scarce (and expensive). Anago reaches its peak from June and is a delicacy of the rainy season.

Yaki-anago Oshizushi
[Yaki Anagozushi. Photo Ad Blankestijn]

Simmered anago as a sushi topping is a staple of Edomae sushi. But here we have lightly fried anago (yaki-anago) and the sushi is typical for the Osaka region: "oshizushi" or sushi pressed in a wooden box.

Anago is less fat than unagi, but when simmered, the savory fatty elements float to the surface. It is topped with the hearty sweet sauce in which it was simmered. No soy sauce dip is needed.