Ingredients, dishes and drinks from Japan by Ad Blankestijn

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Chinese cabbage. Brassica rapa Pekinensis. ハクサイ、白菜。

Also called "nappa cabbage" or "celery cabbage." "Hakusai" literally means "white vegetable," while "nappa" means "leaf vegetable."

Large cylindrical head vegetable available from autumn to spring. Green at the top and white at the stem. Has crinkled leaves and thick stalks. Mild and almost sweet taste.

Only since the twentieth century used in Japan, when soldiers after the Japan-China War in 1895 brought back suitable seeds. In China the vegetable was known for thousands of years - hakusai goes back to the North China variant. Now very popular and as regards the quantity produced, the third vegetable after daikon and cabbage.

Used in one pot dishes (nabemono), simmered dishes (nimono) and soups; also used for pickling (tsukemono).

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