Ingredients, dishes and drinks from Japan by Ad Blankestijn

Sake Seminars & Tastings

Hire a professional! - Sake tastings and sake symposiums by a certified sake sommelier!

Sake is a most wonderful drink, with the whole of Japanese culture behind it. The author of this site, Ad Blankestijn, is an officially licensed Master Sake Sommelier and Sake Instructor. Both licenses were obtained from the Sake Service Institute in Tokyo.

Ad Blankestijn is active in promoting sake and spreading knowledge about sake in various ways, for example by giving sake workshops and doing tastings in both Europe and Japan. Ad also works as Director Overseas Marketing and Sales for the Daishichi Sake Brewery, which provides him with first-hand knowledge "from the source." But it goes without saying that he does his sommelier work from a neutral and independent stance.

Ad is available for tailor-made corporate and private sake seminars and tastings in Japan. With the help of a lavishly illustrated PowerPoint presentation Ad explains how sake differs from wine, what the ingredients of sake are, the different grades of sake, the brewing process (with many photos), types of sake, and practical matters as how to keep sake, how to serve it, from what to drink it and, above all, how to make sake-food pairings.

Ad lives in the Kansai (Kobe) but is available anywhere in Japan such as Tokyo for these tastings and symposiums.

Besides Ad's fee, the price includes his travel and hotel costs (if applicable). Besides that, the applicant is expected to buy the sake (Ad will provide a detailed list for ordering via a sake shop or via the internet), provide the room or restaurant, the glasses and presentation equipment.

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